13 Funny Photos That Show The Range Of Emotions Kids Feel Going Back To School

The photos say it all.

Saying goodbye to the summer holidays, and going to the first day of school, can be an emotional day for the entire family. Whether students are going into their first day of school ever, their first year of middle school, or their first year as a high school senior, it's a new chapter, filled with feelings of excitement, anxiety, joy, and more.  

These 13 funny back-to-school photos capture all of the emotions, and show that the feelings associated with going back to class impacts more than just the students.


1. The first-grader whose mom didn't make a sign ahead of time.

2. These kids who capture the different emotions of going back to school.

3. This boy who wanted a back-to-school sign even though he's not in school quite yet.

4. This girl who was asked to smile for her first day of school.

5. This mom who is ready for her kids to go back to school.

6. This mom who is crying happy tears.

7. This elementary school that used a creative way to motivate kids.

8. This mom who is way too happy her kids are going back to school.

School starts tomorrow!!

9. This mom who got involved in her daughter's first day as a junior in high school.

10. These new police officers who understand what students are going through.

11. The boy who wore the wrong green shirt for his new school photos.

12. These brothers who joked around on their first day back.

13. This boy who had a special message to his mom on his first day of Kindergarten.


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