9 Fun Activities To Do With Kids During A Snow Day

No. 4 sounds awesome.

Call it a winter wonderland or a bizarre blizzard, either way it's still a snow day; and if you're a parent, you're probably looking for fun activities to do with your kids while stuck indoors. Sure, the option of going outside and building a snowman is a classic boredom-fix, but it's only a matter of time before the little ones grow tired of the cold and seek more excitement. Keeping your child busy with fun snow day activities can be a bit challenging, especially if you don't have a board game or puzzle handy. The best way to keep your kids entertained is through creative DIY projects and fun kid-friendly recipes


Whether you're looking for fun snow day activities for your toddler, fun snow day activities for big kids, or just fun activities to do with your family, you can have a great time by just making the most of what you already have at home. Good snow day boredom busters don't have to be complicated, they just have to be enjoyable. 

The best part of doing fun creative activities with your kids is the bonding time. The moments you spend with your children are precious because before you know it, your little ones will be all grown up. Create some special memories this snow day weekend by trying out any of the activities below. 

1. Make marshmallow snowmen.

Hot chocolate will never be the same after you make these soft and adorable snowmen. 

2. Set-up a huge blanket fort.

This old school classic works every time. Plus, you gotta admit, it's fun for you too. 

3. Make some snowy tissue paper art.

Avoid the mess of finger painting with this cool snowy art  trick. Find out how to do it here.

4. Make snow slime.

If you ever found yourself watching dozens of those satisfying slime videos on Instagram, now is your chance to finally make your own. 

5. Make snowflake cookies.

Baking with your kids offers opportunities to learn about math, sharing, and (duh) baking. 

6. Draw your family tree.

Have the ultimate family bonding moment by drawing out your family tree. Your kids will learn more about their history and it's a wonderful way to get creative. 

7. Whip up some “snow day ice cream.”

If you have a fresh batch of clean, untouched snow in your yard, bring it in and make some homemade ice cream.

8. Make homemade playdough.

More fun than actually playing with playdough is making playdough from scratch. 

9. Put on a paper bag puppet show.

Get theatrical with your kids and put on a paper bag puppet show. Of course, that requires creating paper bag puppets. It's a two-for-one deal on some snow day fun. 

Cover image via Enis Yavuz on Unsplash


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