5 Fun Activities To Do With Kids That Celebrate The Simplicity Of Childhood

And are totally free.

Now that summer's almost here, school vacations are right around the corner. For parents, however, that means coming up with fun activities to do with kids that the whole family can enjoy. Yet, while there are plenty of fun activities to do with children that require a small fortune — taking a vacation, visiting the local amusement park, etc. — there are plenty of other ways to entertain kids that don't involve money at all. Instead, parents can find fun activities for kids that need nothing more than a wealth of imagination. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities for children that cost nothing more than time. Here are five fun activities for families that celebrate the simplicity of childhood by getting back to the basics of yesteryear:


1. Construct a pillow fort.

When rainy days strike, having fun indoor activities are essential because everyone gets cranky when they're cooped up for the day. Inevitably, boredom takes hold and complaints abound. But, by introducing your kids to the joys of the pillow fort, you'll all have a cozy way to pass the day that blends creativity and cuddles — the best of both worlds!

2. Plant a miniature garden.

Anyone can teach their children to appreciate nature, but it's also imperative to teach the next generation to nurture nature, as well. Whether you offer them an individual pot, or an entire corner of your personal garden, encourage your children to plant seeds and grow flowers or herbs in an effort to teach them a lesson in responsibility.

3. Write letters to loved ones.

While writing might seem like a chore to some children, as it reminds them of homework assignments and classroom tasks, affording them the freedom to get creative could make similar activities less daunting in the future. If they don't want to write to family or friends, encourage them to write letters to soldiers overseas, as this exercise benefits everyone involved.

4. Take a hike.

With so many digital distractions vying for your kids' attention, it's hard to get them to look up every now and then. However, by venturing out on a hike, they'll have ample opportunity to take in the world around them. (After all, they'll probably be out of Wi-Fi range!) Appeal to their inner desire for adventure and enjoy an afternoon without interruption.

5. Play dress up.

There's no denying that dress up appeals to all genders and age groups. It's fun to wear clothes outside your daily wardrobe and embody different personalities that match. Whether you break out last year's Halloween costumes, or allow the kids access to you and your spouse's closet, they'll be free to express themselves creatively and embrace their imagination.

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