7 Times 'Full House' Showed Men How To Be A Dad To A Daughter

There's no bond more beautiful.

When Full House first aired in the 1990s, it was different from most sitcoms. It didn't feature what was then considered a "typical" American family. Instead it depicted widower Danny Tanner, his friend Joey, and his brother-in-law Jesse, and how they worked together to raise Danny's three girls. 

Previous shows portrayed the man of the house as lazy, a workaholic, or completely uninterested in raising his children. Full House was far from that. If anything the '90s sitcom showed men how to be good fathers (and father figures) for their daughters. 

Whether they were coaching D.J.'s soccer team or talking to Michelle about how she could do whatever she wanted when she grew up, Danny, Jesse, and Joey always stepped up to the plate.

Thank you, Full House, for teaching a generation how to do parenting right.


1. That time Danny was afraid he was missing out on watching his girls grow up.

Danny had been patiently waiting to hear Michelle utter the word "dada." When he discovered his littlest girl said "dada" in front of Jesse and Joey, he was upset. He thought he was devoting too much time to his work, so he took all of his girls out on a number of father-daughter outings.

This showed men that it's OK for fathers to work a full-time job, but there are times that family needs to come first.

2. That time Joey took Stephanie to a mother/daughter sleepover.

Becky offered to go with Stephanie to her Honeybee mother/daughter sleepover, but when she couldn't go at the last minute, Joey stepped up and offered to take Stephanie. Even though things didn't turn out as Stephanie would have liked and the two ended up leaving, Stephanie still expressed her deep gratitude to Joey for joining her.

Lesson? Even if something is typically seen as an activity for a mother and daughter, there is no reason a father (or uncle) can't take the lead and make his daughter's day even more special.

3. That time Danny explained to Michelle that she could be anything she wanted.

Michelle enlisted Becky to help her build a soapbox car, but after Michelle heard that girls didn't race cards, she became discouraged. The most disappointing part for Michelle was that these comments came from her father and Jesse. The pair took the opportunity and turned it into a life lesson for Michelle, telling her that sometimes people make jokes without thinking about who they might be hurting. 

Words of encouragement go a long way, especially when they come from a dad.

4. That time Danny confronted a boy who stood Stephanie up.

Stephanie was crushed after a boy who had plans with her to go to the school dance decided not to show up, so Danny took matters into his own hands. He confronted the boy about hurting his daughter's feelings, which lead him to apologize to Stephanie.

Although the thought of your dad and your date interacting can be cringeworthy, it's always great to know that he has your back.

5. That time Joey bought D.J. a car for her birthday.

For D.J.'s sixteenth birthday, Joey purchased a bright red 1977 Firebird and, unbeknownst to him, the car was in need of repairs and happened to be stolen. Joey and Jesse worked to fix the car, only to have a police officer come to the house and take the car away.

Joey did make a mistake, providing fodder for the episode's hilarious plot, but his efforts proved that, when it comes to father figures and gift-giving, it's the thought that counts.

6. That time Joey helped Stephanie conquer her fear.

After learning that she had to get a cavity filled, Stephanie became extremely nervous. When she refused to cooperate at the dentist, Joey asked for a moment alone with her and delivered an inspiring pep talk that gave Stephanie the courage to face her fear.

Sometimes a little encouragement from a dad can convince a little girl that she's got all the strength in the world to face obstacles head on. After all, there's nothing like hearing from someone you trust that you're capable of whatever you set your mind to.

7. That time Danny assured D.J. she was beautiful.

D.J. had it in her mind that she needed to lose weight in order to look good in a bathing suit, but after she collapsed at a gym, Danny intervened. He told her a story that only a dad could tell and explained to her the harsh truth about crash diets. 

Fathers might never have experienced what their daughters are going through, but that doesn't mean they don't care or can't help. 

As Danny demonstrated, regardless of what life throws at them, dads are are definitely up to the challenge.

Now the kids who watched Full House in the '90s are grown up and having kids of their own, and we're confident that all those reruns they watched will provide the perfect inspiration for their parenting. Because even though Danny and the gang weren't perfect, they made it work through incredible dedication and a whole lot of love. And in the end, that's exactly what you want as a daughter to a dad.


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