The Cast Of 'Full House' Got Together And Made You Something Special

You can't handle the nostalgia you're about to experience

Remember the Tanner family? They lived at 1882 Girard Street in San Francisco with a bunch of extended family members and a dog. They were a wholesome American sitcom family who won't soon be forgotten thanks to syndicated reruns — and a very special documented sing-along.

The cast performed the "Full House" theme song "Everywhere You Look" at a birthday party for Jeff Franklin (the show's creator) and the video of that legendary reunion has been made available to the public thanks to Instagram.

Andrea Barber, the actress who played Kimmy Gibbler (the pesky neighbor with questionable social skills and terrible foot hygiene), posted the video to her Instagram account with plenty of long, self-deprecating hashtags:

"Only for you, Jeff Franklin. Only for you. Happy Birthday. #everywhereyoulook #whatsmyline? #onlyknewthechorus #cantgetthisdamnsongouttamyhead," her post read.  "Who has a better, full version of this?? I saw all those iPhones out there pointed at us!!" 


Actor John Stamos has been working with Franklin to plan a more formal TV reunion but these photos Lori Loughlin posted to her Instagram should tide "Full House" fans over in the meantime.  How often do Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky pose for a photo together?


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