Which Fruits Are Safe For Your Dog? Here Are Some Examples.

An apple a day, keeps the vet away.

Although you generally shouldn't feed human food to your doggy best friend, there are some exceptions — Particularly, fruit. 

Though certain fruits provide awesome nutrients and vitamins to dogs, not all are safe. That's why we're here to provide the 411 when it comes to which fruits dogs can consume, and which they should avoid like the plague.

Remember, even foods designated as safe for animals are only good in moderation. So don't let them overdo it on the apples. 


1. Apples: SAFE

Apples are generally safe for dogs to eat. However, eating a lot of appleseeds is off limits due to a type of cyanide inside of the seeds

2. Avocados: NOT Safe

Avocados are great for guacamole, but bad for dogs. Vomiting is a major side effect. Sorry, dogs. 

3. Bananas: SAFE

Bananas are good for humans and for dogs, because of their vitamins.

4. Cherries: NOT SAFE

Dogs cannot safely eat cherries. They are considered toxic and contain cyanide, which can be fatal.

5. Grapes: NOT SAFE

While dogs look adorable dressed as grapes, they cannot eat them safely because it is toxic for dogs. Symptoms include vomiting, dehydration and kidney failure.

6. Lemons: SAFE

Lemons are safe and very nutritious for dogs to consume. And also, it's just plain fun to watch them try to deal with the citrus.

7. Oranges: SAFE

Oranges are not toxic for dogs, luckily.  

8. Pineapples: SAFE

Pineapples are healthy for dogs. Oh, and also the nutrients in a pineapple helps with dogs who eat their own poop.

9. Strawberries: SAFE

Strawberries are a healthy treat for dogs.

10. Watermelon: SAFE

Watermelons are safe for dogs to eat. The only exception is to avoid the rind.

(H/T: Clint Davis/The E.W. Scripps Company)


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