From A Sister To Her Younger Brother

A bunch of things he's made me realize.

I am two years older than my little brother. He's also about nine inches taller than me, so I suppose he's not that little.

Despite the fact that most of the time, I think I'm right and that he could learn something from me, there came a time when I realized we're finally getting older and, shockingly, we've been learning from each other the whole time. 

That said, here are 9 things my little brother has already taught this big sister.


1. Though the thought of going out with your little sibling may seem totally awful, it's actually the BEST thing ever.

Finally, the kid turned 21. He can finally come out to the bars, and even my friends are pumped about it. So maybe you really are cool, huh?

2. But despite how pumped you are for their 21st birthday, you still end up acting like a mom.

Why was I so overwhelmed on his 21st birthday? I don't know, but I was having this really weird out-of-body experience where I was looking at the situation, like "PLEASE HYDRATE!" (That isn't to say he didn't celebrate...) 

3. As the older sibling, I had to pave the way past mom and dad. So I learned to get over it and stick up for him.

I don't even know what I'm defending you over, but here I am, live debating our parents.

4. Sometimes you need your little brother to call you out on how ridiculous you're being, because he really knows how ridiculous you are.

When I'm feeling anxious or stressed out over NOTHING, there's no one better to call than my brother. 

So why was I having a post-grad panic attack on the streets of New York City? Not sure, but he's not a part of the real world yet, so his advice was refreshing.

5. When your parents visit and your brother's not there, you realize it's not as fun as you thought it would be.

Suddenly I'm not down for all this attention.

6. Even if you went to two different schools, you learn to become a fan of his.

Yes, I've learned to love wearing the shirt he sent me from Bucky's Locker Room... but I still think my alma mater's cooler.

7. Eventually, he will ask you for dating advice. Don't panic.

When my little brother asked me for dating advice, I thought it would be super awkward.  But I realized I respected the fact that he wanted to go about dating the right way, and I could be the person to teach him how. (I am a girl after all.) 

8. Though you were always fighting over the remote control when you were little brats, you will end up becoming best friends.

And that's pretty cool.

9. So, be a sister he'll be proud to have. It's a lot better that way.

Right, Matt?


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