He Finds A Letter From His Mom And When You Hear What It Says, Your Heart Will Break

Who's cutting onions?

"From 1994" is an exquisitely bittersweet film directed by Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger.


In it, a 10-year-old boy finds a letter from his mother written five years before. As he reads it, her love for him and her hopes for his future slowly unfurl in the gentle words that she's left for him.

It's a poignant reminder of the depth of parental love.

"We made this film as a way of remembering those who we've lost in our lives," writes Krieger on the film's site. "We are incredibly humbled by all those who supported our project and want to say thank you for all those involved. It has been our labor of love and we are excited to finally release it." 

It's based on a true story.

"This film is a very personal project to me as I made this film in memory of my mom," says Warren. "She was a writer and throughout my childhood she wrote many letters to me on her typewriter in her writing room.  When I was 12 she passed away from cancer. During a family Christmas years later, my aunt passed along to me the last letter that my mom had written to me on April 19th 1994. This film is based on that letter."

Please watch and share it with your friends.


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