After Two Girls FaceTimed Daily For 4 Years, Their Dads Organized A Surprise In-Person Meeting

"They live 7+ hours away and our schedules never lined up to have them meet in person until this moment. Neither of our daughters knew .. "

Texting and calling our best friends can be a great way to keep in touch, but nothing amounts to seeing them in person. 

But for two long-distance best friends, hanging out in the flesh was never an option. In an April 27 Reddit post, one of their fathers, Corey Walker, explained he and his best friend, Stalley, have daughters the same age. The parents introduced the girls, Jalyssa and Kylie, over FaceTime four years ago and since then, the two talk daily and have become BFFs.

However, they live over seven hours apart, and the families' schedules never managed to line up for a meeting.

Until now.

"Neither of our daughters knew this was happening," Walker wrote on Reddit, attached to a video of their first surprise meeting.

"I was soooooooooo nervous the entire drive down," he adds. "I just kept telling my daughter to put her headphones in and watch a movie because if she saw a sign of the city we were traveling to she would have known. Thankfully she was asleep for most of the signs and the final three she was looking down at her phone."

In the video, the two girls see each other in a hallway and simply stop in their tracks, holding their hands over their mouths. 

"Wait, what?!" one of them says. "You told me we were going to Larry's house."

"Are you real?" the other girl asks her friend. 

And with that, there are hugs, tears, and smiles. 


"They spent the weekend together. It was amazing," Walker shared in a Reddit comment. "They went shopping, out to dinner, Starbucks, and stayed up all night making a fort. Magical times."

Since sharing their story, other Reddit users have been quick to comment their reactions to the adorable video: 


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