Now You Can Find Strangers Who Look Exactly Like You. Here's How.

Do you want to find yours?

There are supposedly seven people in the world who look just like you, and these friends are on a mission to meet them.

Dubliners Harry English, Niamh Geaney, and Terrence Manzanga first became fascinated with the idea of finding their doppelgängers after seeing how journalist Sophie Robehmed created a social media campaign to discover her own.

The trio decided to set up their own challenge to find their "twin strangers."


On March 30, the friends launched an online campaign asking the public to help in their search. 

They posted this statement on the Twin Strangers' Facebook page: "Do our faces look familiar? We've set ourselves the challenge of finding our doppelgängers. We want to see who can find the closest lookalike in 28 days. TAG FRIENDS THAT YOU THINK COULD BE OUR DOPPELGÄNGERS."

A month doesn't give much time to search the world for someone who looks just like you. That's why we're stunned by some of the results. 

Submissions started coming in from around the globe, but one in particular stood out to Geaney. She decided to meet her in person. 

Here's what Geaney and her doppelgänger Karen Branigan looked like together upon first meeting.

Not a bad match at all. We're impressed.

As if that wasn't trippy enough, they decided to wear matching clothes and do their hair and makeup the same way.

We already thought they looked like sisters, but Geaney must've been determined to see if Branigan could look like her twin. 

The results? They're basically identical.

We know what you're thinking. How can I find my own twin stranger?

Try doing what these three did. They created a page on the Twin Strangers website and added a photo album to their Facebook page to help people find their own look-alike. 

Watch Geaney and Branigan react when they meet below.

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