This 'Friends' Fan Figured Out How Much Coffee The Characters Drank — And Who Drank The Most

The one where somebody counted their coffee cups.

Anyone who's watched Friends knows how much time the main characters spend at their favorite coffee shop, Central Perk. But have you ever wondered how much coffee they actually drank over 10 seasons? One fan did, so he decided to figure it out — and make a few handy charts to share the results.

London writer Kit Lovelace looked through all 236 episodes of the series, counting how many cups of coffee were poured, purchased, or consumed by each character. The grand total for all six main characters was 1,154. And it might surprise you to discover that Phoebe drank the most, at 227 cups.

It definitely surprised Lovelace, who told The Huffington Post, "It makes sense that Rachel didn't rack up so many cups ― as she was a waitress for so long ― but I'd have thought the smart money was on Chandler winning out before I started."


Lovelace even tracked the characters' coffee-drinking habits in each season, and graphed how they changed over time. He also figured out how much they spent on java over the course of the series, based on dialogue about Central Perk prices and the group's tipping habits (20 percent). The grand total was only about $2,000. 

Of course, this all begs the question — if a TV character drinks coffee and we don't see it, did it really happen?

If you're wondering whether Lovelace sat through every minute of every episode (hey, there are worse tasks), he explained his process to a fellow Twitter user. "I scrubbed through the non-Central Perk scenes, keeping a keen eye on any mug/potential cup activity," he wrote. "Central Perk scenes all got watched."

He added that the task got "progressively easier" as the series went on, and the characters spent less time in the coffee shop and more time "in all manner of madcap locations."

Lovelace also addressed the question of whether some of the cups could have contained tea, explaining, "I do remember at the time deciding to make the assumption that anything in a mug was coffee unless otherwise stipulated."

Even more surprising than Phoebe's place in the top spot is the fact that Lovelace told The Huffington Post he doesn't consider himself "a huge die-hard fan of the series," although he is a coffee drinker. He's also obviously a fan of a good challenge.

Now, if only someone could figure out how they always managed to snag the best seats in the place.

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