Why A Mixed-Race Group Of Kids Want Blue Bell To Rename An Ice Cream Flavor

"The Great Divide" just wasn't sweet enough.

Ice cream is already a lip-smacking sweet treat, but a group of friends just found a way to make one particular flavor that much sweeter. 

The idea came when 8-year-old Kaleb and his 10-year-old brother, Isak, were having an ice cream party with 11-year-old Jayden and some other friends. 

The group from Coushatta, La. were enjoying their frozen treats when they started talking about the name of Blue Bell's "The Great Divide" ice cream flavor. They agreed they liked the vanilla / chocolate mix because it was delicious with different toppings, but some of the attendees thought the name of the flavor might be misunderstood, or perceived as division of different skin colors. Isak, a history buff, even commented jokingly that the "Great Divide" flavor should be called the "Civil War" flavor because the line between the flavors reminded him of the Mason Dixon line.


The children weren't offended by the original name, but thought they could come up with an even better one. In a Facebook post, Traci Schmidley, Kaleb and Isak's mom, explained that it was a personal topic because the friends are of different races and Kaleb and Isak have foster siblings who have different skin tones than them. 

The difference between them and the half-and-half ice cream is there is no separation. "We are all our own color and own flavor and there is no divide between us," Schmidley wrote.

In this spirit, the group thought of different names for "The Great Divide" ice cream flavor and came up with a new, more inclusive suggestion: 

Better Together.

Schmidley shared the young friend's flavor name on Facebook and on Love What Matters in the hopes that Blue Bell would see it, and to show the power of a child's voice.  

"Thank you for taking the time to listen to our ideas. We love your ice cream," concluded the letter by Jayden, Kaleb, Isak, and friends. "We think having a big bucket of Better Together chocolate and vanilla on dinner tables across the country will make our families and communities stronger than ever!"

The name change proposal was shared on Facebook on June 12 and it has since gone viral. Many are speaking out in support of the "Better Together" and loving the inclusive sentiment it brings.

One commenter said, "I love that you use everyday conversation to encourage your children to think for themselves. What you did equates to a typical school English assignment."

"I love the minds of children. So innocent and not ruined by social stereotypes and prejudices. This is a wonderful idea," wrote another. "I support all that promotes love and not hate."

Mixed race families are also sharing their personal photos with the #bettertogether hashtag.

Blue Bell has yet to respond to Schmidley directly but a spokeperson commented to CNN.

Blue Bell's Joe Robertson told the news outlet how the ice cream was originally created. "We created Great Divide so that families didn't have to choose between two favorites, but could enjoy both Homemade Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate in one container!" he explained. "We love the idea of 'Better Together' and especially the thoughtful sentiment behind it."

The company declined to comment on whether they would officially change the flavor name. Even if they don't, there will likely be many adopting the honorary title of "Better Together" and expressing the sentiment at their next ice cream party.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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