The Letter Trump's Grandfather Wrote Asking Not To Be Deported Feels Eerily Familiar

"This is very, very hard for a family," the elder Trump wrote.

In 1905, Donald Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Trump wrote a letter to Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, asking him not to deport him and his family from Kallstadt (now part of Germany) back to the United States. 

The elder Trump had lost his citizenship for having evaded mandatory military service by emigrating to the United States of America in 1885 where he eventually became an American citizen. In 1902, however, he met his wife, whom he wrote, "could not tolerate the climate in New York" and he and his family re-entered Kallstadt.

Within a few years, however, the Bavarian government decided that Trump and his family had to go. He told his side of the story in a newly translated letter that recently appeared in Harper's.

"But we were confronted all at once, as if by a lightning strike from fair skies, with the news that the High Royal State Ministry had decided that we must leave our residence in the Kingdom of Bavaria. We were paralyzed with fright; our happy family life was tarnished. My wife has been overcome by anxiety, and my lovely child has become sick Why should we be deported? This is very, very hard for a family. What will our fellow citizens think if honest subjects are faced with such a decree — not to mention the great material losses it would incur. I would like to become a Bavarian citizen again." 

Friedrich Trump's letter arouses sympathy, and his note that deportation would be "very, very hard for a family" is echoed by the concerns raised by undocumented immigrants and their loved ones today. The president's first months in office have been marked by increased enforcement of existing immigration laws, separating families and deporting Dreamers

"No one should ever go through the pain of having their mom taken away from them or the pain of packing her suitcase," 14-year-old American citizen Jacqueline Rayos-Garcia said following her mother's deportation, according to CNN. "No one should be packing their mother's suitcase."

Unfortunately for Friedrich, he and his family were deported back to the United States. But there's still time to help the American communities currently threatened by deportation.

Rayos-Garcia, for her part, has pledged to take a stand.

"I'm here and I'm going to keep on fighting," Jacqueline said. "I'm going to keep on fighting for my mom and for the other families that are going through the same thing."

(H/T: Vice)


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