The Hip-Hop And Fashion Relationship Has A Long History. 'Fresh Dressed' Doc Proves It.

What it really means to be "fresh."

The trailer for documentary "Fresh Dressed" kicks off with Kanye West declaring:

"Being fresh is more important than having money, the entire time I grew up, I only wanted money so I could be fresh."

The idea of being "fresh" in hip-hop culture and its roots is illustrated through the likes of West, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin formerly of rap duo Kid n' Play and other influential hip-hop icons. 

The trailer teases a trip down memory lane with old-school hip-hop hits but perhaps most importantly, a lesson on fashion and what it really means to be fresh.   


The "Fresh Dressed" trailer captures the role and development in hip-hop fashion, how it allowed for individual creative expression and how it helped develop entrepreneurial endeavors and cultural pride. 

Fashion, it turns out, has everything to do with hip-hop. But does that relationship work both ways?

Fashion played a role in hip-hop, but as Nas, a highly acclaimed rapper who inspired a Harvard University fellowship explained, hip-hop has certainly played a role in fashion. 

"Being in New York, all the streets were like runways for different clothing brands." 

"Fresh Dressed," directed by Sacha Jenkins, released in theaters June 26. In an empowering spin, the trailer captures a give-and-take relationship with hip-hop and fashion and how being "fresh" is as much an internally enriching feeling, as it is about appearance. 

Check out the trailer: 


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