These Words Only Exist In French, But We Need Them In English. ASAP.

Oui Oui.

French has long been crowned as the language of love. Everything about it seems so poetic. When you think of it, some of the greatest classic books, be it "The Little Prince" or "The Three Musketeers," were originally written in French. 

But do you even wonder how much meaning is lost in translation?

Daniel Dalton from BuzzFeed put together a list of 14 perfect words that only exist in French, but are certainly needed in English. ASAP. Who would have thought that one word could contains so much?

From the word describing a particular agony one may feel when wanting someone who doesn't want you to the one word you could use for a person that would never embarrass you, we love each and every of these.

Scroll down to see our favorites. Perhaps you'll want to add some of these to your dictionary?


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