Employees Are Asked To French Kiss Their Clients. Their Reactions Are Priceless

Let's spread some love. And some laughs.

To a true connoisseur, a trip to Paris represents the opportunity to indulge, whether it's in yummy cheese, red wine or shopping sprees at along the Champs-Élysées. And if you're lucky, you might even get a French kiss.

Geometry Global Paris, a Paris-based advertising agency, decided to capitalize on this metropolitan "specialty" by asking their employees to French kiss their clients while capturing their hilarious reactions on film. Don't worry, it's all for laughs.

"Along with your colleagues you're going to take part in a platform that will allow our clients to fill a form and set up an appointment with you – to be French kissed by you," the lady in the video says, struggling to keep a straight face.

The employees' variety of reactions are hilarious. Would you do it?


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(H/T: Design Taxi)


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