French Boy Saves His Dad's Life With Brave Decision During Heart Attack

Even children know when to act.

On Wednesday night, a young french boy named Kévin-Djéné made a powerfully brave decision that saved his father's life. 

The 5-year-old boy was at home with his dad and his 2-year-old sister when his father suddenly fainted. Not knowing what to do, and with it pouring rain outside, Kévin climbed onto his bike and began riding to his mother's work to alert her. It was then that the boy was seen on the road by passerby Jean-François Pinot, who described him as "soaked by the rain and frozen."

"The boy wasn't making total sense, which is normal for his age. We couldn't figure out exactly where he lived, nor where his mother was," explained Jean-François Pinot.

Once he had enough information, Pinot alerted the authorities that the boy's 58-year-old father was unconscious back at the house.

According to Pinot, the boy told him "my father is dead" when they stopped and asked him what he was doing. He was planning to ride the 10 miles to his mother's work to alert her. After piecing together bits of information, authorities found the boy's house in less than 30 minutes and discovered the father unconscious and having a heart attack. 

Amazingly, the paramedics were able to get the man to the hospital and save his life. In fact, he's already been discharged and the boy is back in school "to keep his mind off things," according to the mother. It's truly an amazing tale of bravery and love.

"This little boy is incredible! He must be very smart. His mother called me to thank me and tell me her husband was out of hospital," Pinto said. "I've got tears in my eyes, this is truly a bright spark in our world."

Translations of the original French news stories were provided by Niamh Cloughley. You can read her blog on happenings in France here


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