Artist Doodles All Over Passports, But Customs Officers Are Cool With It

Very neat.

You never know when inspiration may strike — on your way home from work or when taking a shower or at 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning. One thing for sure, you have to act on it. As Léonard Combier, a Berlin-based French illustrator, explained to A+, this is exactly what happened to him one day when he was stuck in a class. 

Combier couldn't find any "normal paper" to doodle on, so his buddy was kind enough to offer his passport. Yep. You read that right. An actual passport. 

And that was the start to Combier's project of passport doodles.


"I try to play with the stamps, the visas, and I write little sentences that will be read by customs officers," Combier told A+.

"LOL I have so many visas. Would you like to marry me?" says the note at the top of the right passport page.

"Antoine habite ici" (French for "Antoine lives here") reads another tiny note pointing to Paris on the map of France, upper right corner.

"As far as I know, customs officers have always enjoyed my work and an entry was never denied with a drawn passport."

One man's passport is another man's canvas, right?

If you like Combier's doodles as much as we do, make sure to check out his Facebook page.

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