To Celebrate International Women’s Day, One TV Network Censored This Word From Its Shows

It's more common than you think.

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Freeform is known for its edgy and groundbreaking TV shows, but it has decided to censor one word from its air: Sorry.


In honor of International Women's Day, Freeform — home to shows such as Grown-ish and Famous in Love — is encouraging women and girls to stop over-apologizing by bleeping out the word "sorry" in all of its content. For a full day, the network will bleep out the word whenever it's said by a female character. There's also a "sorry meter" onscreen to show just how much the word has been said. Imagine if that counter existed in real life. What would yours read?

"The epidemic of female apologizing ends now," reads a tweet announcing the movement. "Today, we're bleeping out every single 'I'm sorry' on our air and social platforms. #NotSorry #InternationalWomensDay"

And Twitter was so here for it:

Over-apologizing is a habit women know all too well. The reasons behind it vary, but it has much to do with living in a patriarchal society, which has historically classified women as lesser-than. Clinical psychologist Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. who has studied this dilemma, has said, "I've been investigating the subject of apologies for over a decade, and it's clear that over-apologizing can be about many things. It may be a reflection of low self-esteem, a diminished sense of entitlement, an unconscious wish to avoid any possibility of criticism or disapproval before it even occurs, an excessive wish to placate and please, some underlying river of shame, or a desire to show off what a well-mannered Brownie Scout one is."

The network is also challenging women to put their “sorrys” to good use. Everytime you say sorry, Freeform wants you to put a dollar in a “sorry jar,” and donate the funds to a women’s organization.

May more women make noise, take up space, and live life on their terms — unapologetically. 

Cover image: Freeform


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