Polish Organization Helps Ex-Convicts Integrate Back Into Society By Covering Their Prison Tattoos

Erase the social stigma.

Despite the fact that tattooing is forbidden in most prisons and juvenile detention centers, inmates improvise unhygienic and dangerous ways of inking them onto their skin. When they are released, the crude tattoos marking them as former inmates is a heavy burden to bear.

However, in Poland, there is a new initiative called Freedom Tattoos that helps  released prisoners "erase the stigma of prison tattoos" and reintegrate back into society. 

Take a look at how Freedom Tattoos forever changed the lives of these two young women.


Freedom Tattoos is run by Polish social rehab center Pedagogium. According to the project's website, the goal is to "transform crude, hideous amateur tattoos made in prisons and juvenile detention centers into professional, socially well-perceived artistic tattoos."

The new tattoos are done by qualified professionals and totally replace the old, unwanted body art.

According to Freedom Tattoos, this transformation gives people a new start without the constant reminder of their previous mistakes.

To find out more about Freedom Tattoos and support the cause, please visit the organization's website.

(H/T: Creativity Online)

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