If Only You Viewed The Fine Print For These 11 Questionable 'Freebies'

You get what you pay for.

Albert Einstein once said, "Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing."

And it's true, given that many so-called "freebies" often come with hidden price tags. Just take a look at these 11 examples of supposed deals that are actually too good to be true. 

If only you looked at the fine print...


1. This falls short of a carry-out deal.

2. Bananas are now invisible.

3. May the force be with you.

4. If this is a gym, then everyone in Canada must be a body builder.

5. Some assembly required.

6. Even the library does not understand the meaning of "free."

7. That's a funny looking cat.

8. There are better ways to reduce stress.

9. What could possibly go wrong with this freebie?

10. Sorry, Michele.

11. When free cookies are replaced with free whiskey, everyone wins.

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