This Free Runner Sure Takes PE To A Whole New Level In Redesigned High School

Why didn't our high schools look this?

The architects from BIG recently helped Gammel Hellerup High School in Copenhagen become one of the most modern looking campuses you have ever seen.


The futuristic architects designed a gorgeous multi-purpose gym with a one-of-kind flowing ceiling for students to enjoy a plethora of different sports.

Even flips off a trampoline!

The opposite ends of the high school are connected by a smoothly designed arts building.

Complete with swirling staircases and flush class room doors you might miss if you don't look carefully.

The outside of the school features a lush green field for students to gather and take in sporting events.

The architects really have found a unique way to combine different pieces of the building, so no space is left empty or unused.

As founding partner of BIG, Bjarke Ingels, said in a press release sent to A+, "Even though each phase is autonomous and complete — their introduction in to the mix has completely reconfigured the sum of the parts. Like a catalyst or an enzyme — once inserted — all the surrounding substance transforms into something completely new."

And really, is there a better way to show off some sleek architecture than free-running across every nook and cranny of your creation?

Nope! There really isn't. Check out free-runner Bjarke Hellden flip, jump and bounce off Hellerup HS below!


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