Mom's Punishment For Son Becomes Way For Him And His Brothers To Help People

"... building a positive community is something that you can do, right here, right now."


Louisville, Kentucky mom Barbara Wilson Woodard didn't intend for her 14-year-old son Travis Durham to like it when she punished him by making him go out and mow the lawn, but he did. 

Now Durham has turned a newfound love of cutting grass and helping others into a community-wide project with his brothers that takes them door-to-door, offering to mow neighbors' lawns for free. They call the project "It Takes A Village: Together We Stand Strong."  

That sense of community service has been instilled in Woodard's boys since they were small children.

"There are many things that we just don't have much control over," Woodard writes on the group's Facebook page. "But things like helping a neighbor with yard work, giving food, offering suggestions and prayers to building a positive community is something that you can do, right here, right now, in the place where you are now — whether or not you have a job, an education, or a car. We would like to be the first one on our block to reach out and touch our neighbor."

The boys have accepted donations for equipment and gas, but will not take any kind of payment from their neighbors. 

Woodard has also started a GoFundMe page, where she encourages other young men to join her sons. "Although, this cause was originally Travis' ideal," she writes on the fundraising page, "we are encouraging all young men to participate. We have offered to keep it more interesting, motivational and exciting for them. We have agreed to keep track of their donated labor and give them credit towards an annual chartered trip to Disney World!"

Woodard's commitment to building better kids for the world comes through in enthusiasm and her support for her sons' hard work. 

"Let's build a work ethic in our kids," she states plainly, "create morals for them to help people only from the kindness of their hearts, teach them values that their life and freedom should not have a cost, give respect to all mankind without judgement because we don't know a person's journey!"

Cover photo: screengrab via WRAL TV.



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