This Video Perfectly Captures The Majesty Of The Ocean

Looks like something out of a dream.

Free diving is a form of diving in which no oxygen tanks are used. The diver simply holds his or her breath while submerged. 

Free diving is one of the world's most dangerous sports, and many have died attempting it. In fact, according to ABC News, a shocking 100 free divers die each year.


But that hasn't stopped daredevil free divers from pushing the limits of what is humanly capable and submerging themselves to increasingly perilous depths. In the most extreme form of free diving, known as no limit diving, divers weigh themselves down with massive ballasts and attempt to achieve the greatest possible depth in one breath.

The world record for the deepest no limit dive belongs to Herbert Nitsch, who in 2007 plummeted a mind-boggling 702 feet off the coast of Greece, making him the "Deepest Man on Earth." 

This short film, by French producers Les Films Engloutis, offers a more peaceful depiction of free diving. As its title, "Ocean Gravity," suggests, it shows us a dreamlike world in which the laws of physics — specifically, the laws of gravity — appear to behave differently from those on terra firma, resembling instead what one might encounter in space. 

Not only is this film beautiful to watch, but it also reminds us that there is a wondrous and largely unexplored alien world right here on earth. It's just a breath away.

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