How A Former Ballet Dancer Formed An Incredibly Talented Dance Troupe For Kids With Down Syndrome

The Free 2 Be Me Dance studio gives children with Down Syndrome just that.

Colleen Perry had never taught dance to children with Down syndrome before, but that all changed for the former licensed family therapist and ballet dancer after seeing a PEOPLE magazine article

The article detailed the work of an adaptive dance company in Boston, who taught different forms of dance to special needs children. After meeting with the director there, Perry confirmed her calling, and Free 2 Be Me Dance troupe was formed — a troupe made up entirely of children with Down syndrome. 

"Not everyone is capable of great athleticism, not everyone is capable of high academic learning, but everybody that I know if capable of self-expression," she says in a documentary following her troupe.

Free 2 Be Me Dance looks like any other dance studio, with bars and kids in dance attire, and after sitting in on a class, you'd say the same: They all warm up and follow directions and have fun. The difference is, the troupe provides a space for the kids that isn't readily available for them in other places. 

"It is a chance for these kids to feel accepted all the while having fun, building confidence, strength, and forming meaningful relationships," the site reads

"It feels like a second family," one parent says in the video.

A very talented one at that.

(H/T: The Mighty)



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