This 96-Year-Old Wrote A Song To His Late Wife. He Never Thought This Would Happen.

"She gave me 75 years of her life."

When 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh of East Peoria, Ill., entered a song contest with "Oh Sweet Lorraine" — a song tribute to his recently deceased wife of 73 years — he probably didn't expect to ever hear it recorded, but that's exactly what happened after the contest's sponsors at Green Shoe Studio read Stobaugh's moving letter. 

According to Fox News, Stobaugh met Lorraine Pinquel in 1938 while she was working at an East Peoria A&W stand as a carhop. They dated for two years, then married in 1940. Lorraine passed away shortly before their 73rd anniversary.


"She was just the prettiest girl I ever saw. Real timid-like. I just fell in love with her right there," Stobaugh says.

Stobaugh describes how the song came to him. "After she passed away, I was just sitting in the front room one evening by myself and it just came right to me," he says. 

"I just kept humming it and singing it ... It seems like it just fit her."

Watch the short documentary about "Oh Sweet Lorraine" here:

You can say hi to Mr. Stobaugh on his official Facebook page. 


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