These Photos Show The Sheer Beauty Of Having A Recessive Gene


If you have red hair, then you are rare. 

In fact, you are one of about 70 to 140 million people worldwide  — that's just between 1 and 2 percent of the population. 

And though society sometimes likes to poke fun of "gingers," one photographer named Maja Topcagic opts to celebrate them. The 25-year-old works in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in a series called "Freckled," she highlights the beauty of the recessive gene.  

In a press release document, she's asked why she thinks redheads are so captivating, to which she responds: "They are very unique, and have special connection with the audience. The recessive gene that causes red hair, MC1R, is actually a genetic mutation, and I love to capture the most beautiful genetic mutation in the world."  

Check out some of the photos from her "Freckled" series below. Most feature a model named Asima Sefic.  


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