Despite Being Told Freckles Are Undesirable Her Entire Life, She's Launching A Makeup Product To Make Temporary Freckles A Thing

"Build a life, don't live one."

Say hello to Remi Brixton.


She's the founder of Freck Yourself, a Los Angeles-based company that sells a makeup product used to apply temporary realistic looking freckles to your face. 

Yep. You read that right. The prototype helps you add freckles, not hide them. Because duh, freckles are absolutely stunning.

"Inspiration for this idea struck late 2010 [...], Brixton told A Plus in an email. "It stemmed from selfish needs I have to admit — my roommate Elinor and I really loved freckles and wanted them for ourselves, badly. But everyone I shared my idea with was unsure, and reminded me that most people wanted to get rid of their freckles, not enhance them. So I sat on the idea, hoping someone else would invent such a thing."

Then years later, Brixton saw Ashton Kutcher's 2013 Teen Choice Awards speech.  

"You can build your own things," Kutcher said in his speech. "You can build your own life that other people can live in. So build a life, don't live one."

Inspired by Kutcher's speech, Brixton decided to go and build that life — full of freckles. 

"I realized that everyone who told me that people don't want freckles grew up in a world where they were told that freckles were undesirable, and I had the facts: I would do anything for freckles, and so would Elinor. There must be more of us out there, a small but strong community of Freckle Lovers," she explained.

Brixton has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring the prototype product to the market. 

"The kit comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball of formula that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner," it says on the Kickstarter page. "The freckle patterns look natural and last two days. Users who apply Freck Yourself every morning have several layers of faded frecks, which produces incredibly realistic results for four to six weeks."

See how Freck Yourself works below:

And voilà! Smudge-free freckles!

Pretty sweet, right?

Build the lives you want, guys.


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