9 Freak-Outs You're Sure To Have When You Throw Your First Friendsgiving

Something bad is bound to happen.

Thanksgiving is nigh. 

And if you are a 20-something-year-old unable to make it home for the holidays, you might be throwing your first ever Friendsgiving. 

Ah! Run for the hills. 

Because when you put on this very important event, you will inevitablely experience at least nine mini freak-outs. 

1. You realize you've never cooked anything except ramen before. 


In college, you might have been an expert at heating up water and throwing in noodles with a packet of mystery powder, but making a Thanksgiving dinner is a turkey of a different color.  

When you realize you don't know the difference between shallots and scallops, you are pretty much guaranteed to have your first mini freak-out. 

Oh, and in case you don't know what a turkey baster is, it's definitely not this. 

But calm down, because cranberry sauce out of the can tastes just as good as the homemade kind. Plus, you can take some of the cooking pressure off by throwing a potluck. 

2. You throw a potluck, but everyone brings dessert. 

When everyone arrives with a different pumpkin pie and assortment of pilgrim-themed cookies,  you will probably have freak-out number two. Because copious amounts of sugar cannot replace a main course. 

But don't worry! Even though the market is out of pre-made turkeys, you can order pizza. 

3. You forget to accomodate your vegan and gluten-free friends. 

The pizza arrives and at least one or two of your friends can't partake because of dietary restrictions. 

Jeez! It's hard to please everyone. 

These friends will sit around the table looking hungry and totally disgruntled as you atttempt to whip up a salad with two ingredients (there's only lettuce and carrots in your fridge). 

But, hey, at least your vegan and gluten-free friends are lucky enough to have seats. 

4. You don't have enough chairs for your guests. 

If your friends are bad at RSVPing (as most friends are) then you will probably have some seating issues. 

Granted, this common Thanksgiving problem is not that freak-out worthy, but things can get tense if the two people relegated to the couch also don't like each other. 

5. You accidentally invited friends who don't get along.  

Bringing together friends from different groups is like making worlds collide -- Sometimes it's a beautiful thing. Other times, it's a massive explosion of destruction and despair.

Unfortunately, you did not consider the problems of meshing different circles when you invited everyone and their mom on your Facebook Friendsgiving event. 

Co-worker Joe is totally not down with college buddy Brian.  Now, these chairless guests are forced to sit together on the couch, and make awkward conversation. 

You will have your fifth mini freak-out as Brian and Joe angrily eye you. 

But at least there's wine to make everyone relax. 

6. Someone gets inappropriately drunk, and you have to spend the rest of the evening taking care of them.  

You thought all your friends were capable of handling their booze, but you thought wrong. 

When things get sloppy for that one girl, she goes on a political rant, making everyone feel uncomfortable. Because no one really wants to discuss the Israel-Palestine debate with a slurring girl over a lighthearted Thanksgiving meal. 

As you try to escort her away from the table, she throws a fit, and you have mini freak-out number six. Your friends are wondering why you invited this random girl you met in art class, anyway. 

7. Your parents Facetime you during the meal. 

Your parents Facetime you just in time to see your drunk friend being crazy, your friends on the couch looking angry, and your gluten-free and vegan friends looking hungry. 

Despite their concern, you tell them everything is fine and that you are having the best Friendsgiving ever. 

8. You make the mistake of putting on "Thankskilling" in the background. 

You should have gone the safe route by putting "Charlie Brown" on. But instead you wanted to impress your friends with a campy, novelty movie like "Thankskilling." 

Within the first five seconds of puttiing on "Thankskilling," you immediately regret it. This movie is full of gore, nudity and even some singing.

Your friends are unimpressed, and beg you to turn it off. 

9. Everyone leaves early to prepare for Black Friday 

You were hoping your Friendsgiving would turn into a rager, but all your guests decide to call it quits at 7:30 p.m, using the "I need an early night to prepare for Black Friday" excuse. 

None of them will actually be awake before noon. 

After everyone leaves, you stare at the dishes piled high in the sink, and have a ninth freak-out thinking about the overwhelming clean up ahead. 

This freak-out quickly subsides when you realize Friendsgiving is over, you can stop stressing, and reflect on lessons learned for next year. 

In the end, was it worth it? 

The answer is yes. Yes, it was worth it. 

Because the next day, your inbox floods with messages like "Last night was so fun," and "Let's do it again next year!" and "THANK YOU." 

Because no matter how much you mess up Friendsgiving, your friends will still love you and appreciate all your hard work. 

Plus now you know what not to do for next year. 


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