15 People Who Understand The Pain Of Waiting For Frank Ocean's New Album

Thirsty for that ocean.

If you're a Frank Ocean fan, you probably know his new album Boys Don't Cry was slated to be released this month, according to his Tumblr. You've probably also been waiting desperately for more music from him since he release Channel Orange over three years ago. You're probably tired to listening to all 40 seconds of "Fertilizer" over and over just because you're trying to milk the songs by him you do have for all they're worth. Maybe you're getting really, really desperate.

Rumor had it that the album would be released July 20th, and many a 140-character breakdown was had when July 20th came and went. Ocean's been pretty silent and we still don't know where the album is, but his fans are still having meltdowns left and right.

Here are some reactions to the grueling pain that is waiting three years for another masterpiece to drop.


1. They're got their priorities straight.

2. Rhetoric game strong.

3. No Kermit tea yet, just crushing anticipation.

4. Don't do this to us Frank.

5. The expectations have been elevated.

6. Don't mind us, we'll just wait here.

7. You're not alone.

8. Please give us something, anything.

9. Please just text back, Frank <3.

10. Maybe he lost his watch?

11. And his cell phone?

12. He can fix this so quickly.

13. Maybe Drake can fix this.

14. The pain isn't limited to humans.

15. Just record it on your phone and snapchat it to us, we won't mind.


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