An Animated Video Explains What Having 'Privilege' Really Means

It's not about judging, it's about being aware.

Be careful, your privilege is showing.


Many of us are unaware of how privilege affects our lives and those around us. Why? Because privilege doesn't hurt the one who has it. It does, however, hurt those who don't. 

By not acknowledging our privilege, we help perpetuate inequality because we assume everyone is on the same playing field. How can we change a problem if we don't make ourselves aware it exists?

It's not about being ashamed of who you are, it's about paying attention to others.

People can experience privilege in a variety of ways such as through gender, race, mobility, finances, etc. You might have privilege in one way but not another. Bottom line is, it's not about judging yourself, it's about having empathy for others.

How does understanding our privilege help others?

Vlogging sensation Franchesca Ramsey created an animated video using the friendship between a caterpillar and snail to explain how privilege works. 

"Understanding your privilege is the first step in fighting for the equality of others. In order to help others, you need to understand and acknowledge the challenges they face. The best way to do that is to acknowledge how who you are impacts your life experiences and vice versa," Ramsey told A Plus.

Watch the video snail nail what it means to have privilege.

Awareness is the first step. Don't forget to share the knowledge. 


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