They Used Her As A Test Subject And Took Away Her Babies. Now Foxie Has A New Lease On Life.

Finally free.

Foxie the chimp has had a rough life.


As her bio says, she was born in August 1976, and knew nothing besides her home, the test lab.

According to the sanctuary that rescued her, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, "Foxie was used in hepatitis vaccine research and as a breeder for the biomedical research industry."

As a breeder, that meant Foxie had babies, but they were taken away from her at birth to be raised as more test subjects. In total, she had four babies and even a set of twins.

Towards the end of her time as a test chimp, she was mainly kept in a cage in a basement with no windows, companions or toys to occupy her mind.

However, in 2008, her life finally changed for the better.

Foxie was found by Diana Goodrich, the co-director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a 26-acre farm in the Cascade mountains, located 90 miles east of Seattle.

As Diana explained in Foxie's bio, the caretaker at the lab warned her that the chimp couldn't be trusted if given the opportunity, but that wasn't something Diana easily accepted.

She decided to give Foxie that opportunity, saying of their first meeting, "She watched my every move and by the end of the visit she presented her belly for me to tickle with a rolled up newspaper."

At this point, you might be wondering why Foxie is so fond of her troll dolls.

Due to the years of isolation and mistreatment, Foxie was initially very aloof when it came to interacting with people and her surroundings.

However, one toy, the troll, piqued Foxie's interest and she adopted the toy almost as if it were her own baby.

Not only has Foxie warmed up to her surroundings, Diana also reports that Foxie does not try to attack her caregivers in the least bit. Instead, "She is mostly interested in playing with us, and she can't get enough of play! She nowplays with any of her chimpanzee 'family members' who are up for a romp and her human caregivers throughout the day."

While there are six other chimps which make up Foxie's new family (Annie, Jamie, Jody, Missy & Negra), one chimp by the name of Burrito spends the most time with her.

Like Foxie, Burrito spent most of his life as a test subject. He did spend some time in a human home during his toddler years though and also some time as an entertainment act.

While they may have found each other later in their lives, there is certainly a strong bond between the pair, who spend time grooming one another and playing.

While these seven chimps have found happiness, there are still many more out there that need support.

If you would like to donate to the sanctuary, volunteer and more, please check out their website here.

As you can see, Foxie is extremely friendly and certainly enjoys her backflips even at 39. Stay young Foxie.

You can watch more amazing videos of the chimps on their YouTube page here.

Follow them on Facebook here.


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