New York Fashion Week Got A Dose of Adorableness From A Fourth Grade Reporter

“What do you think is harder, walking with high heels on the runway, or learning long division?”

This year, Glamour magazine sent one of their most adorable correspondents to cover spring 2016 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) — fourth-grader Oliver Berman.

Berman, who asks some of the most honest and hard-hitting questions in Glamour's YouTube video (below), captures the hearts of viewers and models alike. 

In the video, he asks models and fashion experts if they could spell Proenza Schouler, their favorite runway song, and if they would ever date short guy. Berman even gives out boxes of animal crackers to models.

"What do you think is harder," he asks model Liya Kebede. "Walking with high heels on the runway, or learning long division?"

"Long division," she answers. "Definitely for me."

"I feel ya," Berman responds.

In the video, Berman also admits his stylist is his mom, and that he is no stranger to NYFW. He also covered the event in the fall for Glamour last year.


Watch this adorable reporter at work:

YouTube viewers love the video, too. "So cute and funny," one person comments. He "does a better job interviewing than some more than twice his age," says another.

Berman certainly has a bright future as a fashion correspondent, but there might also be another career in mind for him.

"Some of these models are only six years older than me," he says, before asking fashion expert Chriselle Lim "Do you think I have a shot?"

"I think you do," Lim responds. "Look at those eyelashes."

(H/T: Glamour magazine)


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