A Point About Sexism Was Made After A Fourth-Grader Criticized Her Teacher's Outfit

Too many women regularly receive comments on their outfit choices.

Father and blogger Clint Edwards was surprised when his wife told him one of the fourth-grade students in her class commented, "How many times are you going to wear that outfit?" On top of that, she "gave her a smug, twisted lipped look" and said, "You wore it last year, too."

The dad, who runs the No Idea What I'm Doing blog took to Instagram to share the story and why it made him stop and think.

He begins, "First: I'm a 36-year-old working father who wears jeans and a polo every day, and never, not once, has anyone, fourth-grader or adult, ever asked how many times I planned to wear 'that outfit.'" Secondly, he adds that he was "obviously more bothered" about the situation than his wife. Edwards said Mel responded, " 'Women just say stuff like that' as if it was as normal as someone asking for the time."


"All of this made me feel like my wife, an educator with an educator for a husband, was expected to have vast wardrobe money, even though we had white collar educations, with white collar student loan debt, but were living on blue collar wages," he wrote. 

"And all of it made me wonder why any of this is acceptable," he stated. "And for the first time, I got this small understanding of the social struggles women experience, and it made me want to rage."

Of course, these kinds of comments are nothing new to many women who experience them on the regular. Women are often scrutinized for their outfit choices and outward appearance, as it is seen as a reflection of who they are and their value. Men, on the otherhand, can sometimes wear the same outfit multiple times without anyone batting an eye. Still, viral posts from male allies, such as Edwards, are helpful as they highlight the issue even more. 

In just a few days of the post going viral, other female teachers have come forward with similar experiences. 

A fellow fourth-grade teacher explained how she turned the situation into a learning opportunity.

"I had a few girl students who were already obsessed with outfits. One in particular would count how many times I wore certain outfits. She wasn't mean about it, just observational," she explained. "It really shows how much kids pay attention to little things. It actually became a great teaching opportunity to discuss how what we wear can be important, but it's what's on the inside (your character) that really matters."

Another teacher wrote, "I had a Kindergartner tell me I wore the same pants yesterday. Your point about white collar education and loans with blue collar pay is spot on!"

"She handled it with grace," wrote another female teacher. "It just reminds me to teach my sons that it doesn't matter where anyone's clothes come from or what they look like, they should be kind to everyone. Thank you for that reminder!"

(H/T: CafeMom)


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