This Is What Americans Eat, One State At A Time

Oddly, no pizza or burgers.

Have you ever faced the problem of finding a good restaurant to suit your needs? Say, for example, you're a sworn lover of deep-dish pizza, but it feels almost impossible to find it in the area you live. Frustrating, right? 

Even if America is known for being somewhere you can get anything, anywhere, anytime, the struggle to find the flavor you're craving might not be as crazy as it sounds. 

Local search and discovery service Foursquare teamed up with custom map service Mapbox and created an interactive layout that represents the food preferences of every state in America. According to Foursquare, they used a mix of data sets (menus, tips, ratings, etc.) to "pinpoint which food or drink is most disproportionately popular in each destination."

Check out some of the results below so you can be sure your next restaurant outing is in a state with like-minded folks.


According to their findings, Californians mostly enjoy feasting on Chinese chicken salad.

Washington is all about Dungeness crabs.

Want to see a Texan going bonkers? Just offer them a breakfast taco.

And no one enjoys a chicken fried steak as much as people in Oklahoma.

But you will need to get to New Jersey for a decent pork roll.

You will probably need to visit Nebraska, too, if you want to fully satisfy your passion for mini corn dogs.

Missouri kind of outdid itself with their fancy taste in toasted ravioli.

While Alabama is A-OK with just munching on fried green tomatoes.

However, if you're more of a sweet tooth, Tennessee is the place to go. This state worships banana pudding.

We're not saying Pennsylvania's cheesy, but their top choice was chicken cheese steak.

Nevada really stood out with its preference. According to Foursquare's statistics, this state is more about sipping than chewing.

As for New York, the famous Big Apple should actually change its name to Big Avocado, because avocado toasts are the hottest thing here right now.

Head to Mapbox's website to see the full state-by-state guide to America's most popular tastes for yourself.

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