These Four Women Finally Explain Why Women On Their Period Go To The Bathroom In Groups

"We each have a powerful demon that lives inside of us."


It's 2016 and some people still think talking about periods is gross or taboo. 

In a recent parody video posted by CollegeHumor directed toward men, four women hilariously try to bust some menstruation-related myths. You know, like why women even get periods in the first place? 

"Biologically, women menstruate because instead of having a liver or kidneys, we each have a powerful demon that lives inside of us," one woman says in the video. 

"The demon lives on blood, so we drain ourselves of it monthly so it can't get too powerful and plunge the world into a terrible hellscape of our own making," another explains. 

Demons aside, women often have to worry about their period blood attracting the snakes and alligators living in sewers. "That's why women go to the bathroom in groups," one woman says. "To fight off the gators!" 

Periods aren't scary and they're really not a big deal. So, can we stop calling it "that time of the month" now? Please? 



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