What Type Of Couple You Are, And What It Says About Your Chances

Will they get married?

If you ever wondered whether your relationship is destined for marriage or a breakup, it turns out that your fate might be based on what type of couple you are, according to a new study from the University of Illinois. Their researchers surveyed 376 couples in their mid-20s over a period of nine months on numerous variables including satisfaction, love, ambivalence and worries. They categorized all of the couples into four distinct groups to determine which group was more likely to reach marriage.

Here are the four types of relationships.


1. Dramatic.

These couples experience frequent commitment changes and don't spend a lot of time with reach other. 34 percent of the couples surveyed belonged to this group. Because of the shaky commitment, these relationships were more likely to end in a breakup.

2. Conflict-ridden.

3. Socially-involved.

These are the couples you always see together in real life and on social media. They spend lots of time together and they have the highest positive attributes. 19 percent of couples were part of this group.

4. Partner-focused.

30 percent of the couples surveyed were in this group. People in these relationships care deeply about their partner depending on the time they spend together. Partner-focused relationships were more likely to get married than any of the groups.

(H/T: Metro)


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