Four Takeaways From Lyft Chief Logan Green's SXSW Keynote

The latest from the creator of "Your friend with a car."

1. Lyft is more concerned with getting cars off the road than more Lyft drivers on it.


"Our vision is to make car ownership unnecessary," said Green. He even speculated that self-driving cars are something consumers will own, rather, "we'll press a button on our phone and they'll show up.

3. The competition between Lyft and Uber goes well beyond transactions.

As Green sees it, Uber is the "me-too" brand in the category. Consistently followed Lyft's lead, from their initial entry into the sharing economy or the recent addition of the car pool option. As a further point of contention, Uber has deactivated Green's account.

5. Green is an active Lyft driver.

Although Lyft is valued at $2.5 Billion, he is happy to gain an extra $20 on his drive to work. 

7. Green claims respect for drivers is the key to their success...

however he deflected a question regarding the lack of employee benefits for full-time drivers.


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