Artist Draws 10 Famous Women Alongside Their Best Feminist Quotes To Show How Boss They Are

They tell it like it is.

Feminism has oft been considered a dirty word, usually by people who have no clue what feminism actually is. (Hint: Equality between the two sexes. That's it.) But thanks to a few famous and influential women welcoming the movement and path to fairness with open arms — women like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few — the "F" word's negative connotation is beginning to fade away.

Thank goodness.

To celebrate these women and their awesome takes on women empowerment, Huntington Beach, CA artist Ellen Crenshaw drew 10 famous women alongside one of the truth bombs they've said in the past about equality or being a woman.

From Queen Bey addressing the the fact that no, women aren't equal yet to Malala throwing shade at those who believe men deserve all the power, these women hold nothing back. 

"While I'm under no illusion that these illustrations will change the minds of people against feminism, I hope that they help support what feminism is truly about: making positive changes in our culture so that women of all races and nationalities can go through life given the same opportunities—the same respect—as men," Crenshaw told A Plus in an email.

The images first appeared on The Nib, but here they are in all of their glory:


Bette Davis on double standards

Beyonce on gender equality

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on our culture

Coretta Scott King on equality

Faith Whittlesey on strong women

Jessica Valenti on feminism and haters

Malala Yousafzai on perception of power

Naomi Wolf on squashing guilt

Rebecca West on being a boss, in general

Sojourner Truth on getting things done


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