5 Questions Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Has For President Trump

"Have you given diplomacy enough time?"

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has some pragmatic (albeit hilarious) advice for President Trump.

In a video for Los Angeles-based comedy site Super Deluxe, Fox teases Trump throughout and pokes fun at things like his childlike temper and reported penchant for walking around The White House in a bathrobe, but the one-time Mexican president also doles out wisdom any world leader would be foolish not to follow.

With certain American alliances in question, Fox's advice pertains particularly to war. He poses five questions President Trump should ask himself before making the potential move to go to battle with another country. "The first question to ask yourself before you start a war: would you fight in it?" Fox says.

The query is one any world leader would do well to pose before declaring war. As Fox sees it, if, as a leader, you wouldn't be willing to fight in a war yourself, then "don't send other young people to die in it."


According to InfoPlease.com, nearly 1.5 million service members have died in the post-9/11 Global War on Terror as of September 2011. This figure includes men and women killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. Another 48,000 service members sustained non-fatal injuries.

Fox then asks a question that seems a relevant one to ask any heads of state itching for battle: "Are you making war for the right reasons, or for ego reasons?"

Though Fox acknowledges there are "perfectly valid reasons" to go to war, he also cautions against jumping into a potentially costly and deadly conflict without really thinking things through. "Ask yourself, are you doing this to make the world a better, safer place? Or are you doing it to make yourself feel bigger?" 

Fox's third question — "Have you given diplomacy enough time?" — is also key. "Sometimes the best leaders aren't the ones who drop bombs," Fox explains. "They are the ones who can avoid dropping bombs by using their words."

Though he was widely criticized for it, Former President Barack Obama favored a diplomatic approach with Iran, and potentially avoided what could have been a catastrophic nuclear war. Current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also been pushing a diplomatic agenda in his dealings with North Korea. 

Interestingly enough, a recent study found that Americans who could correctly locate North Korea on an unlabeled map were more inclined to support sanctions and putting increased pressure on China to negotiate with its neighbor than sending in ground troops or simply leaving the increasingly powerful nation alone.

Fox's final two questions yielded more humorous advice than anything else, but the beginning of the video proved Fox has advice worth listening to. World leaders, take note!


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