17 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To These Countries

Take a pen and a notebook because this is going to be interesting.

1. In Singapore, you can wear flip flops and shorts wherever you go, even the fancy places.


"You are allowed to wear Flip flops and shorts wherever you go. The fancy city area? Flipflop and Shorts are perfect. That 5 star hotel? Flip flops are welcomed. Public transport? You are weird if you do not wear them," by SirPalat.

2. In Finland it's super important to mind everyone's personal space.

3. When in Mainland China, don't buy traditional Chinese silk clothing from a shop that also sells wreath. Those clothes are intended for deceased people.

4. In Denmark and Netherlands, never ever stand or walk in the bike lane. Ever.

"DO NOT STAND OR WALK IN THE BIKELANE! You will get yelled at and/or run over," by Tiralina.

5. In Philippines, if someone offers you to have dinner together, it's very impolite to refuse.

6. In Italy, everyone says 'hi' with a kiss on each cheek.

by escaday

7. In Korea, public display of affection is frowned upon.

"PDAs are frowned upon, even minor things like a long kiss. Same-gender touching / hugging / holding hands is common, without there being any sort of homosexual connotation," by waynefoolx.

8. In Malaysia, it's absolutely normal to be asked of what race you are.

9. In United Kingdom it's intolerable to jump a queue.

10. In Iceland, nobody goes out before 12 am and the parties usually start at around 2:00 am.

"We really do love to party, but the party doesn't start until 2:00 am. Don't go out before 12 and expect excitement. Also we drink to get drunk," by dingdongdobie.

11. In Singapore it's common to "chope", meaning to reserve a table by placing a pack of tissues on it.

12. Belgians don't like to be complimented.

13. In Germany it's not unusual to encounter nude people of all ages in the sauna or at lakes.

"Yes, it is common to encounter nude people of all ages in the sauna or at some lakes or even at some few parks in the city. Don't stare and for god's sake don't comment on this," by ABoutDeSouffle.

14. In Iran, wearing shorts in public is a no-no.

15. If someone calls you a 'cunt' in Australia, you've made a friend.

by Tooki84

16. Never refuse to have tea in Turkey.

"Don't refuse the tea. It's rude," by stephenhawking5.

17. In France, always greet people with bonjour and say goodbye with au revoir. It's rude not to.

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