Scary Footage Of Nepal Earthquake During Pool Party Should Remind You To Help

Nature is a powerful thing.

The devastating 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th has prompted countries to come together, and has left us with gripping footage of nature's power. 


Footage of the earthquake's effect on a pool has gone viral.

While it may be fascinating to watch footage of the earthquake, it's important to remember the consequences of such a massive natural disaster. Since the earthquake struck, Nepal has faced unimaginable pain and tragedy. More than 8,000 people have died, and over 17,000 were injured in the quake. Amongst the wreckage and destruction, though, has emerged something just as powerful as nature: the power of empathy and aid.

In the wake of this tragedy, several countries, organizations and individuals have stepped up to give the people of Nepal a helping hand. The Disasters Emergency Committee from the U.K. has raised £50 million, or more than $77 million. India has sent over 1,000 workers, 50 tons of water and 22 tons of food, according to Indian Express. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has given $10 million. China sent 62 search and rescue workers and pledged more than $3.3 million in aid, according to TIME

Israel, Malaysia, Pakistan and Australia have all been huge contributors, as well. But it isn't just countries. World famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo let go of $8 million, and pleaded for his Facebook followers to donate to Save The Children's relief fund. Speaking of Facebook, they are matching every dollar donated to Nepal through their website. 

Still, though, Nepal needs more. The U.N. announced last week they need funds to be "dramatically ramped up."

Here at A Plus, we're standing with Cristiano Ronaldo and encouraging you to donate to the Save The Children relief fund. It's quick and simple to donate, and a  trustworthy organization. Please click here to donate. 

1.7 million children have been affected. They need your help.

Please share this article when you're done reading to help the people of Nepal.


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