5 Thanksgiving Feasts That Will Absolutely Horrify You

#2 is unspeakably awful.

The Turducken, if you didn't know, is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, traditionally served around the fall and winter holidays.

It's not the only dish of its type: multiple bird roasts have historical origins in Europe...but what you're about to see are variations that have either been largely forgotten or created by culinary minds with a certain demented streak.

Continue if you dare.


1. The Cockentrice.

Yes, that's the top half of a pig sewn to the lower half of a turkey. Apparently quite popular among the aristocrats of the 15th century.

2. The Cthulken.

An octopus stuffed into a turkey with crab legs.

3. The, uh... we have no idea.

No words.

4. The Bacrocken.

Yes, it's a bacon-covered crocodile with a chicken in its mouth. Supposedly from Australia.

5. The 9 Bird Turducken, or, The Turduckenstein.

This actually isn't terrifying at all, though attempting to digest such a royal roast might disrupt all but the hardiest digestive tracts.

Here's the finished product.

Check out the entire cooking process here. 

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