13 Babies Who Are Amazing At Being Summer Foods

We don't usually think of food when we see babies, yet here we are.

Babies. They're round, bouncy, and delici endlessly entertaining. Summer's the perfect time to let locally harvested, free ra babies roam in the grass in those little romper things that make them look like tiny train conductors. Babies in food costumes are best served on ciabat just too cute for words, so light up the gri try not to melt from the cuteness that is these definitely not edible babies.


1. Summer food babies are so cute you won't be upset that the guac is extra.

2. They're growing up on a (taco) Tuesday.

3. Sometimes they hatch from watermelons.

4. Watermelon babies are an underrated crop.

5. They're so cute we're not even upset we only got seven sprinkles.

6. And we can't wait to visit strawbaby fields.

7. Of course, fresh baby lobster is a summer essential.

8. They understand how BBQ season leaves us feeling.

9. Human babies aren't the only ones ready.

10. There's an entire spectrum of baby hotdog animals...

11. ...And they're all ready for your BBQ.

12. Even if they're upset they didn't receive an invitation.

13. Vegetarians will have wild meowshrooms to keep them company.

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