Imagine If Your Favorite Band Invited You On Stage To Play Drums. It Happened To This Guy.

"You better not suck."

Well, if you go to a Foo Fighters show and hold up a sign in the front row saying it's your birthday and you want to play drums, apparently your wish can be granted. Anthony Bifolchi tried it at a recent show in Toronto and lead singer Dave Grohl called the dude on stage to rock out with the band.

Because getting on stage in front of thousands of people to play drums with one of your favorite musicians isn't daunting enough on its own, Grohl made sure to note that "if you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage." No pressure.

Bifolchi's friend caught footage of the whole scene on camera. Check it out:


All right dude, here we go.

Kneel to the Lord.

Quit stalling, man.

And there he goes.

Killed it!

Back to Earth, though.

Watch the full video and live vicariously through Anthony:


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