A Bunch Of Kids, Aged 2 To 4, Learn To Play A Classical Music Piece In A Record Time

Mini maestros.

Can you imagine what it looks like when you let 15 youngsters loose in one room? Yeah, that looks about right.


Now add a famous conductor to the mix and tell the kids they will be learning to play a classical recital. You might be expecting a train wreck, and you wouldn't be alone.

But that's not quite what happened.

Folksam, one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden, set out to educate kids on the lifelong power of music with its project "Mini Maestros." The project demonstrates the incredible ability kids have to learn even very young ages. 

The team invited 15 youngsters, aged 2 to 4, to participate in a challenge lead by Sweden's famous conductor, oboist and composer, Jan Risberg. For five weeks, these children would take piano classes in order to learn a 19th-century musical piece by French composer and pianist Erik Satie.

According to Folksam, their project was inspired by the idea that music opens up new creative paths for children. The company reached out to Professor Gunnar Bjursell, who specializes in music therapy research, and confirmed that a child's first interaction with a musical instruments remains in his or her memory and makes further learning much easier.

"Project Mini Maestros is a tribute to the children’s great creativity and a depiction of the endless possibilities and capabilities that children have."

The entire learning experience was designed around fun and play. Risberg used creative techniques to teach kids the chords and the melody, like color coded keys, sound boxes and simple word associations like "pancake" (pann-ka-ka).

Watch this short video about the entire story behind "Mini Maestros." It is in Swedish, so unless you speak the language, be sure to turn on the subtitles.

You can visit the Folksam website to learn more about the project and see the full documentary.

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