The Eyesight Of Billions Around The World Could Be Improved Thanks To This Little Device

It's clear to see this is an important innovation.


When it comes to impaired vision, it's often easy to correct the way our eyes see with glasses, contacts or surgery.

But one roadblock to correcting impaired vision is diagnosing that there's even a problem in the first place. Without regular checkups (or even initial visits to the eye doctor), some potential patients may never get the help they need to see things clearly.

The Folding Phoropter — a telescopic device — could be the key to making sure some of the world's 2.3 billion people with vision issues recognize and diagnose what's going on with their optics. By using the sliding-scale devices, those looking through the small device's lens can get the best visuals and help professionals prescribe treatments that best address their needs.

Check out the video above to get more details about this helpful tool.


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