Watch Jimmy Fallon And Ethan Hawke Sing About Real People's Awful Experiences


Remember that site, where users could submit the unfortunate things that happened to them followed by the acronym "FML"? Turns out it's still receiving submissions and gets updated all the time. Who knew?

Apparently, Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host decided to use some of the material on the site in a segment on his show last night. 

"I'm actually in a country music band called FML," Fallon said, before announcing his bandmate, Ethan Hawke. 

The pair sat down with their guitars, cowboy hats, and denim jackets to sing some real people's bad day stories from FMyLife. 

"Today my dentist gave me laughing gas and in my drugged-up state, I told him that I wanted to hang out with him. We're going to an art museum next Tuesday," Hawke sang.  

Another jingle went like this: "Today I got back my history term paper. The whole thing was crossed out. And at the end, my professor just wrote, 'Nope.' "

Check out the whole segment in the video below: 



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