Floyd Mayweather Prepping For Fight With -240 Degree Cryotherapy Chamber Sessions

Whatever it takes to win.

The biggest boxing match of the decade is quickly approaching us and Floyd Mayweather is taking no chances.


In an effort to maintain his physique and stay in tip-top shape for his fight against boxer Manny Pacquiao on May 2, Mayweather has taken to cryotherapy to help his body recover.

Cryotherapy involves Mayweather placing his entire body in -240 degree liquid nitrogen.

According to Dave Levi, the CEO of SubZero Recovery, the process replaces ice baths and helps to "oxygenate your blood and pick up enzymes." Once Money Mayweather steps out of the cryotherapy chamber, Levi suggests that the proteins in his oxygenated blood will help with joint pain and cure soreness from working out.

Whatever it takes to win! You can watch below. 


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