Watch This 'Flower Man' Wear Fanny Packs And Throw Leaves At His Friends' Wedding

"The entire crowd was laughing and being great sports about the whole ordeal."


Couples worry about details like finding the right cake, flowers, and song, but it's their loved ones that really make the celebration more special. And, once in awhile, those loved ones come up with a hilarious wedding day idea you won't find on any Pinterest boards. 

Jake Clark had one of those ideas for his friends Dan and Amanda's wedding. The 27-year-old from Dayton, Ohio offered to be the flower girl at their wedding — and they took him up on it. But the break from tradition didn't end there. Instead of throwing elegant white rose petals from a dainty white basket, he tossed fallen leaves from three fanny packs secured around his waist.

"I have told a few friends I would be their flower man, but it was always left as a joke," Clark told A Plus. "Dan and Amanda on the other hand, they were all for it as soon as I asked. However, I still thought it was a joke until three weeks prior to the wedding. From that moment on, it was showtime." 

Amanda and Dan knew they wanted an adult-only wedding, so having their friend be a flower man instead of getting a young girl fit their vision perfectly. 

"They are some of the best people I've ever met and I'm glad to know them, let alone be a part of their special day last weekend," Clark said. "Amanda and Dan had an unconventional wedding for a reason as you can see!" 

So, why the fanny packs and foliage? 

"I didn't really have any inspiration, it was more of me just being me. If I had to choose an inspiration, I suppose Dwayne The Rock Johnson when he rocked his fanny pack," Clark explained. "Regarding the foliage, I wanted to remain classy, but cheap as well. Who needs rose petals when you have an entire mountain of leaves spread around the venue?" 

When it came time for his big moment, Clark definitely delivered. He strutted down the aisle tossing leaves from his various fanny packs up in the air and made it a moment to remember. 

"From what I can recall, the entire crowd was laughing and being great sports about the whole ordeal. I tried to include them by blowing leaves in their face and by looking at them seductively just to go over the top," he said. "I accidentally threw a few leaves at people due to the wind, but thankfully, no one was hurt during the flower-walk!" 

You can see some of his "flower-walk" in the video above.

Dan and Amanda's photographer Sarah Graybeal had no idea Clark was going to come down the aisle as the couple's flower man.

"I was definitely shocked, because I have done many weddings, and this was a first for me," she told A Plus. "The guy had three fanny packs, and leaves. Lots of leaves. He was like a male Beyonce with fanny packs, most definitely an unforgettable wedding moment." 

And, she didn't even mind that everyone had a cellphone in their hand. 

"It was exciting and hilarious!" Graybeal said. "Typically, like most wedding photographers, I'm not crazy about cell phones being out during the ceremony...but this was the exception. I know I would be doing the same thing!" 

Clark was very surprised to see how many people online became interested in his story. "As a social media manager myself, posts going viral is a difficult task in itself," he said. "In reality, the fanny packs did the talking. I am convinced people just want to see a fanny pack comeback."

But mostly, he's just glad the moment has brought people a little joy. 

"It's a humbling experience and I still can't believe it," he said. "If I've put a smile on at least one person's face, I'm grateful. The world isn't all bad, there's beauty to it if you are willing to see it." 

Now that he's proven what an excellent flower man he can be, Clark is happy to do it again for someone else. And he doesn't want to stop at just weddings. 

"I will be available for hire to throw as many items as possible at weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, bar mitzvahs, Easter parties, etc. I will dress up like an Easter bunny and throw chocolate eggs all over the place," he said. "In all seriousness, I would love if this gave me the opportunity to give back in some way. I know this may sound absurd, but I would love to team up with larger brands who have a lot of influence to give back to people in need. We can go around and I'll throw gift cards, checks, you name it, all out of my fanny packs for people in need. Hey, just a thought!" 


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